Getting Started with Paligo

Planner Settings and Information

The Planner view shows a lot of information in different parts of the interface:

  1. An assignment that hasn't started yet is in draft status, and transparent and without background color.

  2. An assignment that is finished has a background color, but slightly transparent and has a checkmark.

  3. An assignment that is started has a solid background color. If there has been no response from the assignee this is indicated by a question mark.

If you hover the mouse cursor over an assignment, you see the status overview:


The Filter settings allow you to easily see only what you are interested in. You can filter on assignment type, language, assignee, and status:

By default, Paligo will send email notifications about assignments and changes to them. You can define what notifications you want to be sent in the Planner settings dialog. Access it by the icon at the top right:

Most of the settings should be self-explanatory:

The last field decides whether you want an assignment to automatically change it's workflow status when all assignees have approved it. This is only for review assignments.

You have the option to set whether you translate your documents or not. This will determine whether an approved review will move to the workflow "In translation" or go directly to "Released".