Getting Started with Paligo

Reviewing Content

This section describes how to perform the review in the user-friendly Review interface. The procedure below assumes you are a user with a Reviewer license, not a full author user.

  1. When you receive the e-mail with the review assignment, just open the e-mail and click the link. This will re-direct you to the Review interface.

    It is also possible for reviewers to log in and select the assignment in the Active assignments list:

    Optional way for Authors

    If you have a full Author user license, you can also click the context menu next to any component and select Review to enter the review mode:

  2. In the topic that is opened, click on any text you want to comment and add your comment(s). The text itself is not editable for reviewers.


    If you want, you can start by viewing all other comments made so far:

  3. When you have completed the review, go to the actual assignment in the Active assignment list, click Update and then select Complete assignment. An e-mail will then be sent to the user (the author) that created the assignment.

When all reviewers have completed the assignment, the author goes to the review mode to take care of any issues, either by clicking the link in the confirmation email, or going there directly in Paligo and can do the following:

  • Show all comments to get a full overview.

  • Hide all comments, and then click each one to go through them individually.

  • Edit a topic by clicking Open in Paligo Editor under each comment pane.

    The comments are visible in the Paligo editor as well, in the Comments pane to the right in the editor.