Getting Started with Paligo

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What's New in Paligo?

Update August 4, 2017:

API style HTML5 output

For those that are documenting software with a lot of code or examples, there is now a template we call the API style, as it is a type of style that has become especially popular for API documentation.

The end user can filter "on the fly" to see just the examples that apply to a particular programming language.

Now you can publish directly to this style!

MS Word, MadCap Flare, Help & Manual, and Framemaker import improvements 

You've been able to import from Word, MadCap Flare, Help & Manual, and Framemaker for a while, but it was necessary to do it offline. Now there's a direct import, so if you need to import Word documents, it's available right in the Import Wizard.

Search improvements 

The search has been improved in a number of ways, letting you search on more facets as well as speed improvements for more complex searches.

Easier to make glossaries 

Glossaries are now very easy to create. Check out the help topic here.

More table features 

We've added a number of features for table editing:

  • Easily move table rows up and down just using keyboard shortcuts

  • Create row headers more easily

  • Make individual cells table headers

Easier to make image links

It's much easier to make an image a link now, and not only that, you can make any inline image a link too.

Remove reuse from text fragment by keyboard shortcut

If you previously had reused a text fragment, it was a bit tricky to remove that reuse. Now it's as easy as a keyboard shortcut (or toolbar command).