Getting Started with Paligo

Table of Contents

Workflow and Release Management

Workflow and Releases are part of the Version Management in Paligo. Both topics and publications are part of a workflow. The workflow in Paligo consists of 3 stages. Each stage is connected to the Release Management, which steps up the version number for each stage.

You change the workflow stage in the Resource view for the item:

  1. Work In progress - When an item is In progress, it is open for editing.

  2. In translation - When it is In translation, it is locked for editing, but still open for translation changes. When you change to In translation the version number is stepped up a minor version (e.g 1.0.1)

  3. Released - Finally, when an item is Released it is locked for any further changes. When you Release an item, the version number is stepped up a major version (e.g 2.0.0)

Release Versions

Each time a new version is created, the previous version is saved and archived. It can be downloaded as well as re-imported if needed.


Archived releases use up your storage space. If you know that you do not need old versions, you should remove them.