Getting Started with Paligo

Table of Contents

Workflow and Release Management


Workflow in connection to assignments is also further described here: Workflow and Assignments.

Workflow and Releases are part of the Version Management in Paligo. Both topics and publications are part of a workflow. The workflow in Paligo consists of 5 stages. Each stage is connected to the Release Management, which steps up the version number for each stage:

  • The first number is stepped up for a major release: 1.0.0

  • The second number is stepped up for a minor release: 1.1.0

  • The third number is stepped up for a review or translation stage: 1.1.1

You change the workflow stage in the Resource view for the item:

  1. Work in progress: For authoring and editing content. The initial stage of any document.

  2. In review: For SME review, proof-reading, etc. When the document is in Review, it is not locked, but marked as In Review.

  3. In translation: If you have multi-lingual content. While the document is in the Translation stage, the document is locked for editing. 

  4. In translation review: For proof-reading or post-editing translations in the translation editor.

  5. Release: Final version of the document is released. When a document is released, it is locked for further editing.