Getting Started

Using the Math Editor

Paligo has a built-in mini editor for creating mathematical expressions such as equations.

The Math editor is available when you add an equation or inlineequation element. Just double-click the element after adding it, and the Math editor opens.

The editor is based on MathQuill, and you use simple commands to write your expressions. For example, \sqrt to type a square root.

Type a space after each "backslash command".

Some of the more common commands, such as fraction and multiplication are entered simply by the keys you are already used to, / and *, but will generate proper math display of these.

Below are some examples of commands you can use.


For a more complete list of commands, see this web site: List of math commands

There are also many videos on YouTube showing the basics of these commands: YouTube introduction videos for compatible math commands


Note that if you are going to publish to help desk, you cannot use math expressions there, as the html tags used for it are not allowed on those platforms. You may then have to make a special version of that content for publishing there.

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