Getting Started

Using Images in the Oxygen XML Editor

Besides opening and editing Paligo topics in Oxygen, you can also browse, preview, and insert images in topics, right from your Paligo image library.

To browse for images in the Paligo image library, simply use the file browser and preview any image by double-clicking it:

To insert images, do as follows:

  1. Open a Paligo topic in Oxygen, using the Paligo file browser.

  2. Put the cursor in a valid position where you want the image.

  3. Click the image icon in the toolbar:

  4. In the image dialog, you will see that Paligo is available as a place to find images. Click to select the image.

    Note that you must select the image from the Paligo library. Local hard drive images will not work, and if you have local images you want to use, you need to upload them to Paligo first.

  5. Select the image you want from the Paligo library.

  6. The image will be inserted as a figure element. If you just want a mediaobject, just select the mediaobject element and drag it to where you want it outside of the figure element, and then delete the figure element.

  7. Set the width for the element using the Attributes view.

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