Getting Started

Review Navigation

In the Review view, besides just browsing the full publication by scrolling, you also have a couple of other tools to help navigate the content:

Navigation Menu

The Navigation Menu is just like a table of contents (TOC), helping you to navigate through the publication. Open it with the icon at the top right:

On the left, a navigation menu/TOC appears where you can click to go to a specific section:

In-context editing

Note that the Review view with the navigation menu also serves as an optional way for Authors to navigate, if preferred.

By viewing a publication in full and navigating using the menu, this may sometimes be a useful way to work while authoring too. For users with full Author licenses, an "Edit" icon is visible above each topic. Ctrl/Cmd-click it to open a topic in a new tab in the editor.

Comment Navigation

If there are comments to review and you have a long publication, you can easily navigate to the next/previous section with comments using the comment navigation icons:


Sometimes, if there is very little space, and it gets too crowded for comments, they may move out of the way to make room. This is as it should be, and is a feature to make the most out of the screen estate.

If a comment moves, or does not fit, just hover over the text segment where the comment "speech bubble" is, and the comment will sync right back.

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