Getting Started with Paligo

Some Basic Concepts

Before we begin, it is good to know some of the basic concepts:

  1. Topics/Components - A topic is the basic building block of content which you reuse in your publication/project. You can think of a topic as quite closely corresponding to what you would think of as a section (anything with a heading) in a traditional document. The difference is, in topic-based authoring each of these "sections" is a separate object.

  2. Publication/Project - This is the object you use to build your document. But you do not write your content here. You just use it as a sort of table of contents, "map" or "structure" of your document, by reusing small building blocks of content called topics. Note that it can be called publication/project interchangeably, because it can be used for anything from a complete publication (such as a manual or online help) to smaller structures, like a chapter or any other sub structure.

  3. Published output - The end result project is then published to different output formats, such as PDF, HTML, Mobile, etc.