Getting Started

Pasting from Word, Excel or HTML

If you have content in Word, Excel or HTML, you can easily get it into a Paligo topic by opening the topic in Oxygen XML Author, using the Paligo plugin file browser.

This can be quite convenient, especially if you have long tables or Excel sheets that you want to turn into tables in a topic.


Please note that this procedure presumes you have Oxygen XML Author client, and that you have the Paligo plugin installed for it. 

  1. Open a Paligo topic in Oxygen using the file browser.

  2. Open the Word or Excel document, or open a web page in a browser.

  3. Copy the content you want to insert in your topic.

  4. Paste it anywhere it would be valid, e.g directly inside a section element. If it's not a valid position, Oxygen will alert you to this, and give you the option to insert it in a valid position.

Your content will automatically be converted to the correct XML structure, and you can save the topic to Paligo.

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