Getting Started

Merging Branches

If you have two or more branches of a publication or a topic, you can either let them live concurrently (side by side) in Paligo as separate but related publications or topics. Or you may (more usually) choose to merge them sooner or later. You may also do the former but merge them partially if changes apply to both.

Merging publications 
  1. To merge two branches, first make sure that the branches are neither checked out nor Released/In Translation.

  2. Select either one of the branches, and click Merge branch in the context menu of the Content Manager.

  3. In the Merge dialog that opens, select the branch you want to merge with. This can either be a Main branch, or any other branch created from the same Main branch, or vice versa.

  4. When you click Next, the merge view shows you the target to the left, the source in the middle, and a preview to the right:

  5. The segments that differ are marked in orange. Click the one you want to keep, and it will show up in the preview to the right.

  6. When you are happy with the merge, you can select to either delete the branch by checking the box, or you can skip this and keep both branches if you want to keep working on them concurrently.

  7. Click Merge and you're done.

Merging topics

Merging topics is very similar to merging publications, but with the difference that you are not merging entire topics, but rather text fragments bit by bit. The view shows you the actual XML content in plain text to make sure you know exactly what the differences are.

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