Getting Started

Managing Users

To manage users, you need to be an Administrator.


Note that you can set who is the administrator yourselves, but only users with permissions to make global changes such as adding users which may affect licensing cost, should be appointed as administrators.

Add new users to your team
  1. First make sure you have enough user licenses to add another user to your team. You will then see an empty user placeholder with a plus sign. If you don't, see Purchasing or Upgrading to add more licenses.


    If you are still in trial, you will be able to add team mates without first adding licenses.

  2. Open the Settings menu at the top right corner, clicking your user name.

    The Settings View opens.

  3. To add a new user, click Add user in the group you want.

    The New user dialog opens.

  4. Set the user name (which must be unique, using the email is the easiest way to do this), the real name/display name, and the email address for notifying the new user (again if you used it as user name).

  5. Click Save.

    The user will get a link by email to the login page, with a temporary password. For security reasons, the temporary password will only allow the new user to get to a screen to choose a new password before being able to access Paligo.

Removing users
  1. First remove the user by clicking the X icon on the user widget.

    Now you have one unused available license (showing in the top box of the Settings page).

  2. If you are not planning to use the available license for another user, click the Upgrade menu item in the top right menu.

  3. Reduce the number of users to the number you now need.

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