Getting Started

Installing the Paligo Plugin for Oxygen

Start Oxygen.

Go to Help - Install new add-ons...

Paste the url in the field Show add-ons from:

The Paligo plugin and the Configuration add-on will appear. Check the boxes next to these two installations.

Check the box to accept the License Agreement, and click Finish.

Restart Oxygen.

A panel called Content Manager should have appeared on the left. If it doesn't, go to Window - Show view - Content Manager.

When running the plugin for the first time, the Content Manager panel will ask you for hostname, username, and password. Do the following:

  1. Type in as the hostname (no https://), your username and your password. (Of course, replace the companyname part with your actual domain name, usually the same as your company name.

  2. Click Test (Connection succeeded should appear).

  3. Click Save to save the plugin configuration. Nothing appears to happen, but the configuration will be saved.

  4. Restart Oxygen.

When you restart, if the Content Manager view isn't open, open it by Window - Show View - Content Manager. It will show you a view similar to the Content Manager in the Paligo web interface.

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