Getting Started

Importing MadCap Flare

MadCap Flare content can be imported directly in the Paligo import wizard. Variables are imported into Paligo variable sets, Flare "snippets" are converted into either reusable components such as informaltopics, or when plain text they will turn into Reuse Text fragments. 

  1. Move the TOC file (.fltoc) to the root folder of the project if it's not already there (the same folder as where the Project and Content folders are). Paligo's import will automatically take care of redirecting the links.


    If you have more than one TOC file for multiple publications, you need to do this one by one, and import them each one at a time. You can only have one TOC file at the root for a given import.

  2. Zip the folder and import with the Paligo import wizard, selecting Flare as the import format.

    If you want, set the custom options. See Importing.


    If you are importing content with variables, and have previously imported content using the same variables, you should also select to use the existing variable set already created, so you don't get duplicate variable sets.

    You find the variable set id if you open it, and then in the browser address bar get the id right after "edit/".

    To get the most out of the conversion of variables, and then use the matching of the previous variable set, make sure you include all your variable sets in the first import.

    Paligo will collect multiple variable sets into one. If you want to separate them into multiple ones again this can be done after import.


There are some files inside a project sometimes that can cause problems for recognizing the file as a zip file. These include [Content_Types].xml and folder _rels. If you have them, you need to remove them before zipping the content.

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