Getting Started

Importing Help and Manual

Help and Manual content can be imported directly in the Paligo import wizard. But the project requires some preparation first:

  1. Rename the Help and Manual project file .hmxz extension to .zip. Decompress the archive.

  2. Locate the folder where you have your images. Perform a search for image files in this folder (searching for image type files). Copy all the search results into a folder called "images" inside the "Maps" folder so that you have all the images in one folder, no sub folders.

  3. Rename all the images to lower case names, for instance by using an file renaming tool, like Name mangler for Mac, or see e.g this site for tips on doing it under Windows: Is there a way to batch rename files to lowercase?


    This is because even if you've named your images using upper case letters, Help and Manual will always refer to them in lower case, and for the import the case has to match.

  4. Import using the Paligo import wizard.

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