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Importing from Confluence

Importing from Confluence is done directly in the Import Wizard. See Using the Import Wizard.

However, for Confluence you have a choice of multiple or single file import. It's possible to import all the HTML files that a Confluence space consists of all at once. So the preparation of the import zip file is slightly different:


It is also possible to have this import customized for your needs. Contact support for more information.

For instance, if you find that the topic sizes do not come out the way you want, this is a setting that can easily be changed for your import.

Multi-file import

A Confluence space HTML export will contain one index.html file and a number of additional HTML file for each space section you had in your Confluence space. Do this to prepare the package to import them all at once:

  1. Open the file index.html in any text editor.

  2. Locate the element ul that comes right after the div with class "pageSectionHeader":

  3. Add a class attribute to it with the value "toc", like this:

  4. That's it. Now zip the entire folder with this file and all its resource folders and import using the Import Wizard.

Single-file import

It's also possible to import just a single HTML file from a Confluence export (in case each of your sections in Confluence have been quite long, a publication in itself). Then do this:

  1. Pick the HTML file you want to import. Copy that and all resource folders. 

  2. Paste these files into a new folder, name it anything you want, e.g ConfluenceImport_1 or whatever suits you.

    In this case it doesn't matter what the file is named, but it needs to be just one HTML file in this import folder.

  3. Zip that folder.

  4. Import using the Import Wizard.


Note that Paligo will be able to handle most common Confluence space exports. If you should have something particular in your content that may not be standard, it may still be possible to customize the import to handle that. Simple customizations may be included, depending on your plan, or can involve a cost for the additional service.

If you need such customization of the import, please contact support.

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