Getting Started

Floating Content Panels

Floating content panels are just like the Content Manager itself in most ways, but the fact that you can open multiple panels makes it much easier to manage your content, e.g dragging and dropping between one area to another.

You can select any part of your repository as the "root", e.g the Media Library, a particular folder, etc, making it very convenient to focus on a particular area at a time.

  1. To access one or more Floating Content Panels, click the context menu next to the component you want to browse individually.

  2. Select Floating content panel

  3. From here you can drag content from the Floating Content Panel to the main Content Manager.

    You can open up to five floating panels at the same time, and drag between them too, as well as select what the root folder should be. You can do the same for taxonomies, so you can tag content easily.

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