Getting Started

Creating a Variable Set

In the Content Manager, there is a section called Variable Sets. This is where you create a set of variables you can use in your topics.

For each Variable set you can add an unlimited number of Variants. Each set can contain a unlimited number of Variables. Every variable for a specific variant has its own Value.

Try to create the variable sets as a logical collection you might want to use in various contexts. Examples:

  • Product model, using the model names as variants

  • Market, depending on where you sell your products (Europe, Asia, Us, etc.)

  • Company name, branded company name, etc., for creating global variables

In the following example we show how to create a variable set, variants,  variables, and actual values.

  1. Click the context menu next to the Variable Sets library, and select Create variable set.

  2. Give the variable set a name (In the example: Phone Product Variables).

  3. Click the new variable set to open it in the Variable Editor.

    The Variable Editor opens:

  4. Click Add Variable, and select Text to create a plain text variable.


    Please note that plain text variables are not translated, and should therefore only be used for content that does not need translation, such as product names, technical data, and so on.

    If you need to translate the variable, use the translatable type, but please keep in mind the complexities of grammar for various languages, so that you don't accidentally create content that makes it very hard to translate the context around the variable.

  5. Add the variants. For instance, you might want different values for depending on the product model you are publishing for, so add product models as the variant columns.

  6. Finally, add the actual values you want to use for each variant of this variable:

  7. Continue adding as many variables as you need.

    As the screen shot shows, you can also create variables for images. This can be very useful if you, e.g, have a topic that is highly reusable, except for a product image or the like. Instead of managing 20-30 images in the topic with filters, you can just use one image variable.

    You can also create XML variables, in case you have content that needs inline elements.

Should you want to copy an entire variable set to use as a starting point, that's possible too:


Although there is almost no technical limit in the database for the number of variables in a variableset, it is recommended that your variablesets have less than 2,000 entries for performance reasons in the interface. For example 100 variables x 20 variants = 2,000. In most cases it's better to divide your variables into a number of smaller sets in different categories.

Moving variables

You can also move variables between variable sets. This is useful if you want to reorganize your variables:

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