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Content Reuse and Topic-Based Authoring

Paligo is based on the idea of content reuse and topic-based authoring. Content reuse can also sometimes be referred to as single-sourcing. The idea behind this is that you should never have to write a piece of content more than once. This means you should have only one source, even if you need to publish multiple variants for similar products, publish to different output formats (PDF, HTML, etc) and so on. Of course you have to take the "never" in that statement with a grain of salt. But the main concept is you should try to reuse instead of repeating content.

Cutting and pasting should be avoided, since it only leads to a multitude of duplicate content where you update in one place, but forget another, you have to translate multiple copies of the same content just because they differ only slightly, and so on.

So instead, you should reuse content. And the reuse of content is greatly simplified by the concept of Topic-Based Authoring. That is, if you break up your long monolithic documents into smaller components ("topics"), you can then build your documents by just reusing these components where they are needed, in multiple variants of a document.

The rest of this Getting Started guide will show you how to create your topics and also how to reuse them to build publications.

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