Getting Started

Compare Versions

The Compare Versions feature makes it possible for Reviewers and Authors to easily see the difference between two versions of the content, for example between the current version and the version from the last review, or the last major release:


Note that the content must have gone through some workflow stages at least once for there to be any versions to compare against. 

  1. In the Review view, click the settings icon.

  2. Select the version you want to compare to.

The Compare Versions mode will now show you what has changed since the selected version in a number of ways, using change bars and colors to mark up changes:

  1. Change markup in the text, showing deleted text as red strikethrough, added as blue, and changed as orange underlined.

  2. Change bars on the right show if entire topics have been changed (orange), added (blue), or deleted (red). Change bars are also added for minor block changes, such as entire new paragraphs, changed or added images, etc.

  3. Entire topics that have been deleted are also shown, but with a light red background and faded out to not disturb the reading.

  4. The table of contents navigation menu shows topics that have changes by dots, using the same colors as described above. If a topic on a higher level has topics on lower nested levels with changes, the high-level topic will be marked in bold to show that there are more changes below.

If topics have been moved, but are otherwise identical, Paligo will recognize that it has only moved, and not mark up changes for it.


The Compare Versions feature is currently in beta while we continue to fine-tune the compare process and gather customer feedback for further enhancements of this feature.

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