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Changing Workflow for Reused Content

If you think about the fact that one of the main purposes of Paligo is to reuse content, what does it mean to change the workflow or release status of a piece of content?

Obviously, because topics are reused, if you change the status of one document, it will have an effect on others as well. This can easily get very complex if you need to keep track of it yourself. Paligo does it for you by default though, but it's good to know how the default mechanisms work.


Workflow changes in single-sourced content is a complicated topic, but almost all of what is described here happens automatically, so it is enough to have a fleeting understanding of the basics below.

Unless you want to know what goes on in detail, or you have special needs for controlling it manually, it is not required to understand all of the complexities behind the control of workflow status changes.

Whenever you change the workflow status of a document, there is a choice whether that should affect any documents related to it.

Status Change Checkbox

The checkbox in the menu for changing the workflow status gives you a choice whether any included topics should also have their status changed. This is sometimes called changing the status recursively.

The checkbox has different default values, depending on what the current workflow status is for the component you are changing:

Table 1. Default values for changing status recursively

Current workflow stage

Default checkbox value


Not checked:


The change will by default only affect the one you are making the change on.

For example, if you change a publication from Released to Work in progress, only the publication itself will change, not its topics.

Logic: Just because you are changing e.g a publication from Released to Work in progress, most of the topics may not need to change, and will therefore remain released.

Any stage except released



The change will by default affect all components reused by the one being changed.

For example, if you change a publication from Work in progress to Released, then all the topics used in it will also be released.

Logic: If you are changing any component that is not released, e.g to Released, then normally this would mean that all included topics are also released.

You can of course change the default with the checkbox, but the default values are usually recommended.


If you change a released publication to Work in progress, you do not have to manually change the status of each topic you are going to work on. Paligo will give you the option to change its status whenever you try to open a released topic. This makes it clear what topics have actually changed during the workflow cycle.

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