Getting Started with Paligo

Inserting a Video

You can insert videos in your topics if you publish to HTML or HTML5, and have the video show up embedded and watchable directly in your publication. You can use videos on YouTube, Vimeo, or Wistia out of the box. Other services or solutions may require customization.


Even if you publish to PDF as well, the video will appear, but then as a hyperlink to the video. By default the link text will simply display the url, but you can if you want add a caption in your mediaobject element, an alternative image to display, or the alt or textobject elements (if you don't want a caption in HTML output).

  1. Click the video icon in the toolbar: .

    A video frame appears.

  2. Click the frame to display a popup toolbar, and insert the link to the video.

    • For YouTube, use the Share link.

    • For Vimeo just use the web url in the browser address field.

    • For Wistia, use the iFrame (fallback) embed link. Just the url from the src attribute in the iframe element. See more here: Fallback (iframe) Embed.

  3. Save, and the preview of the video appears.

When you publish to HTML or HTML5 you should now see the video embedded in your content.