Getting Started with Paligo

Reuse Topic Structures and Entire Publications

Besides reusing single topics in publications, you can also reuse entire structures, such as subsections, chapters, etc. There are two ways to reuse structures:

  • Reusing a sub structure (a topic and it's "child topics").

  • Reusing an entire publication inside another publication.

Reuse a topic sub structure of a publication
  1. Create a publication object, and name it something that refers to what you want to reuse.

    For instance, if you have a safety chapter that is reusable in many different context (such as product manuals for variants of a product), create a publication called "Safety chapter".

  2. Hold down the shift key, and drag and drop the topmost topic in the sub structure you want to reuse into another publication in the Structure View.


    Note that if you use a trackpad that has multi-finger gestures to drag and drop, you may still need to use a regular click-drag in this case. Multi-finger gesture drag is not always reliable for this command.

    The target publication in the Structure View will show the reuse like this with a specific icon:

Reusing a publication within a publication
  1. Select or create a publication you want to reuse inside another publication.

  2. Drag and drop it the regular way, just as with any topic.

    The target publication in the Structure View will show the reuse like this with a slightly different icon:

  3. That's it, your publication will now be reused inside the other publication when you publish.


When reusing a publication in a publication, you have two options for how this will be used in output, and you can set what you want the default to be in the Layout Editor for your layout.

In PDF, the option is in General > Misc > Create a topic for reused publications, and for other layouts it's in the General settings.

  1. If enabled (default), the publication will be treated as a "top-level" topic, so the publication title becomes a "parent topic" to all the nested topics inside it.

  2. If disabled, only the "child topics" inside the reused publication will be reused in the target publication.

  3. If you have the setting enabled by default, you have the option to override it in a specific publication you reuse, by setting the attribute role to the value "no-publication-topic" at the root element inside that reused publication.


You cannot edit a reused structure (topic sub structure or reused publication) directly from the target publication where it's reused. To edit that reused structure, click it in the Structure View, and then click it in the Origin section of the Metadata panel: